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the history is our guarantee. We work in mattresses since 1881.Quality, variety and after-sales service.

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Single Image The Mattress AgustÝ Montfort, the fourth genertion that we are dedicated to selling mattresses, and accessories for the rest of our customers. It is a centenary establishment, wich since the beginning of 1906 is established at XuclÓ 19th Street in Cituat Vella, Barcelona, close to Plaša Catalunya.
Single Image All Throughout these years we have done and redone mattresses of wool, cotton, etc?, later on the 50th century we incorporated spring mattresses, and then around 1960 appears latex to provide a new rest system, and then step by step appears new materials such as polyurethane foam, synthetic fibers, and memory foam.
Single Image Currently we have a wide show of mattresses and accessories to our customers to try them and appreciate differences between them.
Despite progress with new products emerging in the years we have not neglected our philosophy of care and advise our customers, offering the highest at the best price and good after-sales.
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