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Dunlopillo Emotion, 2013 best mattress according to the OCU

Single Image In Mattresses A.Montfort find the mattress Dunlopillo Emoción awarded according to the OCU best mattress market as 2013. So was in 2011.

During the month of June 2013 there is promotion by buying a Dunlopillo mattress Emotion gift you paddle racket.

If you want to try the mattress best valued by the OCU in 2013 do not hesitate to come and try it. See you!

Download the report of the OCU (PDF)

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What nature created, Dunlopillo has perfected.

Talalay System is the most sophisticated system of latex mattresses.

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Nature at the service of your dreams.

Auriga is a mattress designed for lovers of quality, the natural fibers and the crafts. It is a handmade mattrass, following the traditional manufacturing processes, with a carefully selected combination of materials, wich provide a natural and healthy rest. It is a real piece of craftsmanship that serves the rest.

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The mattress Agusti Montfort, establishment centennial.

In 2006. the Generalitat de Catalunya grnted us as setting Centennial Award. This award aims to distinguish establishments along more than one hundred years have continuosly provided quality service to its customers, which we feel very proud.

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Promotions and packages

We have promotions of electric and fixed packages with latex or memory foam.

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